Do customers INSIST their friends use you? WE CAN FIX THAT.

Are you a good business or a great business? Let's lay it out and see.

The process begins with a general audit on all sales and service experiences. We can do this in about 60-90 minutes in a conference room. I give you the truth from two decades of analyzing sales and service processes. Then we create better experiences that have your customers raving about you and your business. I stay engaged to coach the process and measure your success. 

25 years of executive service says I can.

I bring you 25+ years in consultative sales, relationship management, client and employee training, senior-level coaching, corporate marketing management, and corporate event production on a national level.

I have worked with every size of company from Fortune 50 companies including JP Morgan, SpaceX, American Express, Disney, U.S. Bank, Waste Management, to hundreds of SMBs. 

What do you need and when do you need it?

Services include: Building scalable client engagement models that are in line with your customers’ wish lists, managing corporate-to-personal brand alignment, building client and employee training, producing national event and trade show experiences, training course design and management, building and coaching presentations, and analyzing customer engagement strategies.